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Brexit: Winners & Losers..

Binyamin Rose

In the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote, who are the forces that stand to benefit and whose positions have become more precarious?

Shedding Light on a Dark Chapter

Sarah Pardes

Is the mystery of the kidnapped Yemenite children one step closer to being solved?

A daddy too tired to study with his sons is understood, while a working mommy is letting her home crumble? If a real solution is not available, issues should at least be addressed with compassion instead of finger-pointing.

Zisi Naimark

A Plea for Motherhood / Guestlines – Mishpacha, Issue 613
Within seven minutes, I got her phone number in America. “Hi, Mrs. Krawicz, my name is Bassie,” I said. “You don’t remember me, but you used to smile at me and I’m calling because I read an article in Mishpacha and I always remember you l’tovah.”

Bassie (Silverstein) Talesnick

Unforgettable Lessons / Family First, Issue 496

The Wheel Deal

Yisrael Rutman

What do Pharaoh’s chariots, covered wagons, farmers’ wheelbarrows, your bicycle, and NASA’s Mars Rover have in common? They’re all part of the world of wheels.

Teen Fiction: Right Address

Malka Katzman

Rochella Mayer. “Boisterous” was the first thing that came to mind, then “foster child” jangled in my mind like a thousand bells.

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