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Book of Life

Eytan Kobre

"Promising” doesn’t begin to capture the trajectory of Eitam Henkin’s Hy”d, nascent career in Torah; “destined for greatness” is more like it. The loss, and the memories.


Why Convention Hoopla Matters

Binyamin Rose

When gavels falls, popularity rises at media showcases for nominees, party leaders, and platforms


Lifelines: Every Possible Avenue

C. Saphir

Nothing in my parents’ marriage had quite prepared me for what my own shanah rishonah would look like.


Summer Job: Chapter 8

Dov Haller

“Barry, it’s not forever. Hershel is an old man. The camp is his whole life, his whole chiyus. If you take it away from him, you’ll finish him off.”


Guardians of the Book

Yisroel Besser

Forty years ago, ArtScroll’s Rabbi Nosson Scherman and Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz never imagined that their first publication, on Megillas Esther, had just launched a seforim empire


Night of Miracles

Yehudit Garmaise

For Entebbe commando Sassy Reuven, even four decades can’t dim his amazement over that night when every piece of a mission impossible fell into place


Every Building Has Its Price

Eliyahu Ackerman

The millions Dr. Irving Moskowitz z”l pumped into the Holy City put more facts on the ground than all the years of “peace” negotiations


Brexit: Winners & Losers..

Binyamin Rose

In the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote, who are the forces that stand to benefit and whose positions have become more precarious?


Shedding Light on a Dark Chapter

Sarah Pardes

Is the mystery of the kidnapped Yemenite children one step closer to being solved?


Oneg Shabbos: Hot Cash

Yeruchem Yitzchak Landesman

The tzaddik wouldn’t sleep until every kopeck in the house was given away. So why did he let that large banknote go up in smoke?


LifeLines: Call to Attention

C. Saphir

In those days, teachers had no problem showing overt favoritism, and naturally, they were partial to the kids who did well. I wasn’t one of them


Summer Job: Chapter 10

Dov Haller

“Anyhow, something’s up, I can tell in Mommy’s voice. Find out if you can, I’m worried.”

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